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Herbal Medicine

  • Expertise Herbal Medicine
  • Achievement 《中醫病機論-從基礎到臨床》
  • Work Time Monday ~ Friday


The chairman of the Department of Chinese Medicine in the UTCM Acupuncture Research and Education College and the UTCM Holistic Medicine Centre, Prof. Cheng Zhao-Zhi is a world-renowned expert in Chinese medicine. For over 40 years, he has specialized in using Chinese herbs to treat diseases. He had been a professor and chief physician in a university and a hospital in China. In 2007, he was invited to Canada to be the leading expert and advisor for a local college. He has written and edited 15 books, published 76 dissertations in medical magazines in China and other countries, led 7 national and provincial research projects in China, taught thousands of students from undergraduates to PhDs, and treated over ten thousand patients.

In 1997, Prof. Cheng had already published his treatise, “Pathogenesis of Chinese Medicine – From Theory to Clinical Practice,” and established the “Pathogenesis to Treatment” method, which was a diagnostic method that diverged from the standard text book recommendations. Recently, by summarizing his 40 years of clinical and research experience, he has created “the UTCM Chinese Medicine Treatment System,” an effective treatment method that links the mechanism of pathogenesis to the principles of treatment and herb formulation. Prof. Cheng can thus treat a wide variety of disorders of internal medicine, gynecology, the sense organs and others. His extensive experience is advantageous in treating many challenging and complicated cases. He is the kind of experienced, famous, effective doctor that patients want.