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  • Expertise Nei-Gong Tui-Na
  • Achievement 《天一内功疗法》
  • Work Time Monday ~ Friday

Curriculum vitae for Wang Yi, Wushu master

Wang Yi’s ancestral home is in Shandong province, and from early childhood he studied and research taiji chuan with his father, then further learned and performed Chen taiji chuan from Tian Xiuchen and Ma Hong, then ascended Mt. Wudang and learned taiji from Guo Gaoyi. Wang Yi has perfected Chen taiji chuan, Wudang taiji, and is especially strong in qin-na ge-dou, the art of self-defense, with the knife, gun, and sword. Wang Yi is expert in human anatomy and Chinese medicine, and has integrated medicine and the martial arts, and has a high level of skill and effectiveness in martial arts combined with Chinese medicine tuina and anmo, and has also created his won taiyi five elements martial arts and the art of taiji to treat the tendons. His disciple, Weng Zilong, was the champion in the Chinese national wushu competition, and he has also taught Hollywood film stars and photographers.
Educational resume:
Hubei Police Academy, medical coroner’s specialty, Sept. 1992-June 1995
Toronto Chinese medicine license, 2000
South Baylo University, Master’s in Chinese medicine, 2006-2009
NCCAOM acupuncture license, 2009
Li Ke’s Classical Chinese medicine research institute, January-December 2012, Chinese medicine doctor
Wushu resume:
1. Chen style taiji chuan, Wudang taiji
2. xin yi chuan
3. luo han chuan
4. self-defense for women
5. qin-na ge-dou
Competition prizes:
First place in the Toronto North American wushu competition, 1997
First place in the Chinese national competition for san-da
Scholarly contribution: created taiyi five elements martial art, and taiji art for the tendons