Wang Yi

Master of Wushu


Wang Yi, a master of Wushu, studied the art of Tuina from his youth. A master in the study of both human anatomy and Chinese medicine, Wang’s approach to wellness in the body includes a combination of Chinese medicine and martial arts.
Wang Yi is a highly sought-after clinician, having taught not only Hollywood film stars and photographers his unique techniques but also the student that claimed first prize in the Chinese national Wushu competition.


  • Medical coroner at the Hubei Police Academy
  • Toronto Chinese medicine license
  • South Baylo University, Masters in Chinese medicine
  • Chinese medicine doctor certification from Li Ke’s Classical Chinese Medicine Research Institute

Key Achievements (Wushu):

  • Chen style taiji chuan, Wudang taiji
  • Xin yi chuan
  • Luo han chuan
  • Self-defense for women
  • Gin-na ge-dou
  • First place in the 1997 Toronto Wushu competition
  • Created the taiyi five elements martial arts and taiji art for the tendons

Accolades and Associations:

  • First place in the Toronto North American Wushu competition, 1997
  • First place in the Chinese national competition for san-da